Designer Baby Changing Bags – Worth The Money?

We all know that baby changing bags are actually re-designed handbags that have all the little changes we need to make them practical to be used with babies. There are still all the usual handbag styles like carry alls, totes and hobos. We just have the addition of a few extra pockets for the essentials and insulated bottle holders and change mats. The bags are now transformed into specialist baby care units with a pocket for every nappy, baby wipe and dirty nappy bag!

Now buying a designer handbag is usually top of most Mums lists but when you have a baby priorities usually change to practicality rather than fashion. Most of the leading baby change bag brands like Babymel, Skip Hop and Storksak manage to combine practicality with style and they look amazing. We’ve seen a growing trend in designer manufacturers like Versace, Gucci, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana bringing out designer baby changing bags too. While they have the logo and the price tag theres really not a lot else different apart from the introduction of a change mat with most. Does that make them a designer baby changing bag or just a designer bag with an accessory?

So Would you rather buy a practical, well designed change bag from a specialist designer or grab one with a name on it and pay up to 10 times the price!?!?!?

Here are a few designer baby changing bags we found and their respective price tags.

You decide whether they warrant the additional money.

Gucci - £611

Gucci – £611

designer baby changing bags by versace

Versace – £255

Dolce & Gabbana - £895

Dolce & Gabbana – £895

Armani - £199

Armani – £199







Now lets take a look at some similar styles we have for sale on Change Bag Boutique and compare the prices!
While they may not have the stamp of luxury that makes them have a 3 figure price tag they are very well designed and we think they look great too.

Babymel Ella - £65.00

Babymel Ella – £65.00

Storksak Ashley - £70.00

Storksak Ashley – £70.00

Storksak Tote Python - £70.00

Storksak Tote Python – £70.00

Storksak Aubrey - £78.00

Storksak Aubrey – £78.00







So are you going to splash out hundreds or more for designer baby changing bags with a badge or go for the practical great looking alternatives from the top Baby bag designers on our store?