Funky Changing Bags

Changing Bags come in all sizes and colours but every so often we get a few new lines that are a little different to the rest. We like to call these the funky changing bags because they’re just, well, a little bit special!

Here’s our run down of the top 5 funky changing bags

We currently have all of these available for sale on our website. Why not tell us which you think is the funkiest changing bag right now in the comments below.

1. Duo Signature Wave Dot from Skip Hop

It’s very funky with that wave dot pattern and a bold statement to hang off the back of any buggy but grabs the first spot as it’s one of the best selling bags from Skip Hop!

skip hop duo signature

2. Nomadic Stripe With Front Pocket Tote from Oi Oi

The nomadic stripe has a slightly retro feel to it and an uneven stripe pattern which really catches the eye. One for the Summer months.

oi oi nomadic stripe

3. Dash Chevron from Skip Hop

By far the best selling bag from Skip Hop and it’s no wonder. This funky little bag is compact and look amazing on a buggy or over the shoulder.

skip hop dash chevron

4. Duo Signature Triangles from Skip Hop

Definitely a bold design and a great sized bags for all the essentials.

skip hop duo signature triangles

5. Big Slouchy Zig Zag Mustard from Babymel

The big slouchy is one of Babymels best selling bags and the zig zag makes your eyes go funny so snaps up the last spot on our funky bags list.

funky changing bags from Babymel


Let us know which are your favourite funky changing bags in the comments below. If any of these grab your attention enough to make a purchase why not snap up out 10% off offer using the voucher code WELCOME at checkout on the site.