Nappy Changing Bags – What to Consider When Choosing

Whether you are shopping for a stylish and trendy nappy changing bag or a basic, inexpensive bag that just holds all those important items, you’ve got your work cut out. Nappy changing bags are currently available in seemingly endless colors, styles, shapes and price ranges. Change Bag Boutique stock over 200 bags alone! Here are some factors worth taking into consideration when choosing your perfect bag.

Nappy changing bags, the material used is important!

When choosing your nappy changing bag, it is important to take into consideration what the bag is going to go through. It’s going to take a lot of abuse over the next year so what it’s made of is very important. Look for a fabric that can be wiped clean or easily spot cleaned. Going for faux leather or Vinyl bags is highly recommended. Alternatively, if you are thinking of getting a fabric bag, try and get one which has some clear plastic protective cover to keep the bag looking great for a longer period.

Check out the bag features

Pay close attention to the straps of the nappy changing bags before you make your purchase. Always opt for wide and non slip shoulder straps for maximum comfort. The straps should stay put when you walk and should also be comfortable as it’s going to live on your shoulder a lot of the time! If you are bottle feeding your baby, make sure you get a bag which has insulated bottle pockets. All the bags we stock do as standard and many have a detachable bottle holder too. It is also important to get a bag which has lots of pockets for your phone and other essentials. It’s important to keep your things organised as well as babies remember. If the bag has a removable changing mat as many do now, make sure the mat can easily be cleaned and dried as well. It needs to be a wipe clean plastic material or toughened cotton.

Think about the nappy changing bags pattern

nappy changing bags not for dads

Beautiful leather changing bag but would dad carry it?

When choosing a bag you will no doubt take into consideration how it looks but don’t forget other people (think dad!) will be using the bag too. If daddy will at times use the bag, he WILL feel uncomfortable using a feminine bag complete with a bright floral pattern! We don’t want any excuses for dad not to be carrying the bag do we. 🙂
If both parents will be using the bag, make sure you get a neutral style and color that both of you will carry with ease. It is worth mentioning that neutral doesn’t have to be boring, there are many backpack or messenger nappy changing bags readily available in subtle prints and unique colors such as this Babymule Original Changing Bag Charcoal Grey.

Bag style – which nappy bag style to choose

As mentioned earlier, these nappy changing bags come in a wide variety of styles like as backpacks, Hobos, Carry Alls, Totes and Messenger changing bags to mention just a few! First and foremost, you should take into consideration how long you will be carrying the bag each and every day and whether you will require both your hands free for other tasks as you carry your nappy bag. If you will be travelling for long distances on foot without a buggy, then you can opt for back pack bags since they are not only easy to manage but are also easy on your back muscles. For those mainly pushing a buggy then a messenger is probably best with long straps and buggy clips.

Check the price tag

For those who have a strict budget that doesn’t run into the hundreds there is a great choice available. We have a range of bags under £50 which are by leading brands and very hard wearing. Check out the under £50 changing bags here.
Depending on your price point, there is a bag for everyone. There are nappy bags from designers like Storsak and Oi Oi which are at the top end and typically made of leather. These are very stylish and while pricey are also very functional. Here are the top end nappy changing bags.