Babymule Original Teal Changing Bag


You can wear this versatile changing bag as a backpack, sling it over your shoulder as a messenger, or clip it to your buggy. All straps tuck seamlessly away and the changing bag features 180 degree zips, meaning no more rummaging around for baby products. The wipe clean luxurious fabric is water resistant and the Babymule is machine washable on a delicate cycle. Unlike many other baby changing bags, the Babymule changing bag is built to last! Made from highly durable materials, the Babymule will cater for all your baby changing needs long into the future. Please note that the accessories pack that accompany this bag will be in a coordinated colour and not the colours shown.

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22 litre capacity rucksack 2 main storage compartments Structured storage areas within the bag Security zippered pockets inside External pockets for quick access Waist strap Handy grab handles Water resistant fabric Bright contrast lining Designed for use by men or women Baby Changing pouch for nappies and wipes Padded wipe clean changing mat