Stylish Changing Bags That Will Set You Apart

Having a new baby means lots of extra things to carry, inevitably turning mum’s handbag into an emergency nappy stash and dad’s back pocket into a toy zone! Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of life with a gorgeous tot knows that you need to have emergency supplies of everything imaginable at a moment’s notice. Big bags to store everything don’t have to look like grandmas shopping bag though.

The problem is if you go to Mothercare and some of the other big chains that sell changing bags there are a lot of cheap bags that just look, well, horrible. Many changing bags resemble recyclable shopping bags and you get what you pay for when it comes to fashion so without further a do we introduce to you stylish changing bags. 🙂

Glamming up your life means having a choice. Luckily, some designers have realized the need of sprucing up their nappy bag design ideas and have brought to the fore new ranges which include stylish changing bags.

Dazzling Faux Leather On A Budget

stylish changing bags in faux leather

The faux leather range from Oi Oi

Having a stylish tote bag does not have to cost a fortune, especially if you are concerned about the amount of nappies junior is gobbling up per day. Lucky for us, a pretty gorgeous range of stylish faux leather changing bags were introduced into the mix ranging from faux lizard leather carry-alls in the most delectable colours, to the stunning grace ranges that incorporate minimalist design to suit corporate mum.
The benefit of having one of these bags is that you are getting a great product, that looks like leather at a decent price. No longer fearing that other mums will spot you with a tattered old bag, this adds a touch of style to any wardrobe. Often as busy parents we forget that our outfits are completed with accessories and even though it is the baby’s bag, it still forms part of your outfit.

How About A Stylish Hobo?

Owning a Hobo style changing bag may just do the opposite to your look as the name suggests! These bags are simply stunning. Completing even the most put-together indie outfit on the planet, a stylish statement does not always have to have a leather finish. For those who like to dress up in their brogues and polka dot cufflink shirts, have a look at a matching tote for the road. With a baby on one arm and a tote over the other, you are now officially accessorized to hit the streets in style.

Dads Stylish Changing Bags – We Have You Covered!

Aubrey stylish changing bags for dads

The Aubrey is a great stylish bag for dads

No longer needing to sport flowers and frills, dads on the move can safely be spotted with any of the stylish changing bags in the men’s range. Even if you stuff it to the brim with anything the little one may need, there is still extra space in there for an emergency shirt for yourself, should you have misjudged the angle of the baby burping. There is simply nothing more stunning to brooding ladies than a daddy taking care of his baby, therefore, be forewarned that all eyes will be on you. If you happen to be the mummy reading this, there is no faster way to get dad more involved in the shopping and carrying than letting him have his own stylish changing bag! Men are all about gadgets and goodies and this is a great gift to help him get started.