Twin Changing Bags – For When You Need A Little More Room!

Caring for your new baby is a lot of work. It’s hard enough trying to keep up with their endless reserves of energy and the chaos hits another level when you have to take him/her out for the day. All the things that you need to carry around like nappies, wipes, food etc means you need a bag like a tardis! How do you fit it all in a bag and still be able to carry it? How do you decide what to take and what to leave behind?

Now, imagine you have two babies! Twins, as any mum with them will know, are double the trouble. Having the right twin changing bags, can avert a lot of the headaches when you venture out of the house with your twins.

Here are a few great twin changing bags on sale

Babymule Original changing bag

babymule twins changing bags

A great, versatile bag when you have twins

Most mothers struggle with the weight of the bag, while at the same time trying to deal with the children causing stress. We don’t want that and it can be worse if you have one walking and one in a pram! The babymule original changing bag is arguably the best solution to both of these problems. While not officially in the twin changing bags category it’s been a firm favourite with mums that have twins. It allows you to place it on your back, which balances the weight across your whole body. It’s also got stroller straps and can be used as a messenger so great for everything. It has a lot of compartments for all the things that you may need to carry with you when you have twins and is spacious enough as it expands more than a typical bag to fit more in. Don’t let the size fool you, this is one of the best changing bags for twins.

Skip Hop Couble Duo Changing Bags

twins changing bag

One of the largest changing bags on sale and designed for twins

Every mother will know that a decent changing bag is one that also works as an ideal fashion accessory too. The Skip Hop Double Duo Changing bag comes in different stylish designs and is one of the largest bags on sale today, especially designed for mothers with twins. Not only are these good looking bags and styled on the same designs as the normal skip hop range, they also have a lot of space to carry a lot more items. You also have the option to use the extended strap that it comes with to hang over your buggy but just be aware more items = more weight so careful not to tip the buggy! What could you not find space for in all ten pockets that these bags come with?

Compton Navy from Babymel

compton navy twin changing bags

The Compton Navy is one of our best selling twin changing bags

Another one our great twin changing bags is the Compton Navy from Babymel. This one brings a subtle elegance to the range and is ideal for mums and dads too. It is one of those bags that could easily been used for other purposes like going to the gym, if your twins were not there to use all the space up for you! The fact that is water resistant also means that there are less things to worry about during those rainy days and it’s wipe clean too. You are guaranteed to have this one for a while as it is made to last from very tough nylon. If you are dropping the kids over with the grandparents for the day the Compton Navy is the perfect bag to fit everything they will need. The interior is beautifully lined, and fitted with a removable bottle holder.

Do not waste your time and money on a cheap bag if you have twins as it just wont last and you will need to replace it every few months. Durability, elegance and space are key to a changing bag for twins and there are plenty of great bags out there. Get yourself one of our top twins changing bags today on the website.